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Each of our people has hand-selected special units from our huge inventory just for you, the discriminating truck buyer! We’ve raised the bar on standard pre-owned truck warranties: we may not be the biggest, but we are one of the best when it involves YOU, the buyer.

Rob Nusca, Sales Manager

Rob Nusca has 27 years combined experience in the auto & trucking industries, including, 15 years in sales and 11 years in used truck sales.

Rob’s dealership experience includes…

  • Leasing company account manager.
  • Service manager
  • Sales Department: spec’ing & ordering of new trucks
  • Used truck manager for several OEM dealers.

Doug Watt

Doug Watt has 43 years experience in the trucking industry. He started out as a driver then branched out as an owner/operator and moved onto working at the OEM dealership level.

Doug’s dealership experience includes…

  • Running the Service Department
  • Worked in the Parts Department
  • Sales Department: spec’ing, ordering of trucks and working sales

we buy and sell used trucks - worldwide.